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An Alien World

An Alien World

Many people feel like this world is not their home and that they’ve mistakenly gotten dropped off on the wrong planet. Let’s frame that a different way. Humans are an expression of the universe. If you are in this world at this time, then you’re in the right place. If you feel like you don’t belong here perhaps it is because our systems don’t fit our world; our systems don’t follow our moral compass. Our inner knowing informs us that our systems are off course, in fact, so off course that it seems that we may never find the heavenly stars to chart our way back.

If we feel like our world is alien, maybe it’s because it makes no sense to our rational minds nor our compassionate hearts to place people, including our progeny, at the edges of our society and leave them there without adequate food or shelter. Perhaps we feel alienated from this world because our educational system has stripped students of their creativity and adopted a fast track to, not just dumb down, but also to numb down. Perhaps we can’t wrap our minds or our hearts around the fact that corporations have bought our government and that has ended any resemblance of a democracy. Perhaps it makes no sense because we have falsely inflated our place in the ecosystem. We are living in a system where everything is a commodity, so nothing is sacred. Nothing is magical. There is no mystery. Our movies have become our new mythology. We are dying from the inside out.

Perhaps we feel alienated because our government continues to perpetuate war when it makes no sense. We are not designed for it. Our psychological makeup is easily shattered. Our soul, left in tatters, takes years of forgetting and forgiving to bring it back to stasis. If it even can. We are fighting wars for reasons that are obscure and even fraudulent[1]. Those who have served in our military are treated badly.[2] Nothing makes sense. There is nothing in our hearts that understands why our systems are the way they are. We’ve created an economic, political, and social system that doesn’t fit our needs, nor our values, and we can’t get out from under the heavy weight of feeling out of balance with our integral self. Thus, we feel like we don’t belong and long to “get off this planet.” It’s not that our world is alien; it is that our systems are alien to the very fiber of our beings and we’re recognizing that. We are becoming awake.

As we awaken we need to conceptualize our world in new ways. If indeed what we think we become, we need to overcome our fear that if we live our full potential, then our lives will have to change. We may hope that our life’s purpose will fit nicely into the life we now have but our purpose may be so awesome, that we’ve never even imagined it. The willingness to say, “I commit to this,” allows spirit to organize our experiences to bring this about. When we want to, desire to, fulfill our life’s purpose, our life will change. We will be propelled into a richer, if not more demanding life. Our lives are changing and we can, if we embrace the fullness of our spirituality, change the entire organism of humanity. As Nietzsche said, “Live as though the day were here.” To grow spiritually we need to live authentic lives. To live authentically means to live in harmony. Values, beliefs, and behaviors are congruent. There is a match. To be authentic means to be who we truly are.

[1] Iraq Veterans Against the War

[2] Iraq Veterans Against the War

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