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The Full Story


I’ve been a meditator for forty-six years and studied consciousness for the past thirty years. From 2004 to 2007, I developed and taught incoming freshman a course titled “Finding Your Place in the Universe,” a three-term course for Southern Oregon University’s University Seminar. A German journalist, Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke, featured my course in a German publication that stated that “Finding Your Place in the Universe” was the only public university course (at the time) that dealt with consciousness, the mind, and meditation.


I’ve spoken to and/or taught meditation, consciousness, and ancient wisdom to large and small audiences in Southern Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Tampa, Florida, Kathmandu, Nepal, Northern California, O’ahu, Hawaii, and New York City, to name a few. I also spoke at Lone Star College – University Park Faculty Conference and Houston Community College Faculty Conference  in Houston, Texas.  


I have studied the three major types of meditation: focused attention, open monitoring, and self-transcending. I studied Tibetan Buddhism in Kathmandu, Nepal and Tibet, and in Southern Oregon under Yingyur Rinpoche and Tim Olmstead at the Tergar Center. Additionally, I studied Vipassana meditation with S.N. Goenka in Nepal and Washington state. I’ve studied Zhineng Qigong under Master Mingtong Gu, and subsequently wrote for Master Gu for seven years, which culminated with several publications, books, and online teachings.

On the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, I was taught Transcendental Meditation™. I’ve found TM™ to be the best meditation for the advancement of my consciousness and spiritual life.

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