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The Secret of Manifestation

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The power of manifestation, as popularized in the movie The Secret, is a result of energy transference. Wherever our mind focuses, that area is exchanging more energy or chi with the universe. It’s as simple as that. Our thoughts are a continual process of focus and energy transference. But rather than be subject to our thoughts, the practice of Qigong, an ancient healing system, guides us to be aware of how we are focusing our energy.

Manifesting anything is a function of working with energy, which is a larger and subtler reality than the physical world we live in, yet encompasses the physical. When we manifest, we go beyond the usual perception of time and space. We are no longer in the world of linear cause and effect. In the energetic world, the mind has the ability to access the energy patterns of the past, present and future simultaneously. Because the future has many potentials in physical linear reality, the creative power of the mind can access change for better or worse. However, most of us still function from the belief system of cause and effect, which is why we need to cultivate our inner chi. Mastery of chi is achieved through mastery of consciousness. In a state of pure consciousness we have a feeling of an epic journey. We feel centered, grounded, humble and open to creation.

When we place our pure intention in the pure energy, healing happens: Manifestation occurs. For example, if we have problems with our heart, we can think, “My heart is perfect now.” But we also need to feel its energy, be its energy - live it -- then healing happens!

Aside from its healing benefits, the special quality of Qigong allows us to invest our precious treasure – consciousness - in a pro-active and positive co-creation with the universal life energies. Our conscious awareness, through meditation and other practices, allows us to shine light on our old patterns including limiting patterns. Our practice of conscious movement, through Qigong and Yoga, allows our consciousness to work with the pure life force (chi) to move on to a new and desirable pattern. The unconditional presence of the chi field is the river that carries us to where we want to go. It is a very personal as well as universal relationship with the source of creation.

Qigong is closely related to The Secret. In fact, Qigong is the ancient secret that was reopened to the public in China 30 years ago. The ancient secret is about manifesting life and human creativity. Wisdom Healing Qigong is the application of human consciousness that can control and enhance this process. Practitioners of Qigong cultivate the process of exchanging chi with the universe and transform chi to benefit all living beings. Therefore, when they manifest health by transferring energy in a harmonious way, they enhance all living beings not just themselves.

While The Secret can be summarized, as "What you think will attract what you want," Qigong understands that clear and defined thoughts are only a part of your energy field. Rather than what you think, it is more about what you feel. It is even more about who you are which includes your conscious and unconscious energy structures. The Qigong secret can be summarized as, "What you have inside will attract the same outside." The key is to synchronize what is within you with what you want. This ancient and universal secret of manifestation is simple but not easy without the proper technology of energy transformation. The Wisdom Healing Qigong is a practical methodology and application of the ancient wisdom to complete the system of energy transformation.

One way to transfer energy is with the initiating power from the holistic mind. The holistic mind is the mind of the heart and the body. When we initiate, we act on what we’re feeling. Awareness of how we’re feeling is important, but more important is what we’re doing with that feeling; what action we are taking, what visualization we are creating, and how we are changing that energy through our initiation. The initiating power comes from our visualizations.

By visualizing the aliveness of areas where we have tension, discomfort or blockages, we can change the information of that area and rid it of stagnation. If the area is unhappy, we can visualize happiness for it. If it’s fearful, we can visualize courage. Visualizing these areas full of love, strength, wisdom, and full of a commitment to heal will, at the subtle level, change the informational structure of the energy pattern. Through Qigong, we learn to visualize peace, joy, good health and we initiate an energetic action (non-reaction) that will lead us towards positive enlightenment.

Another part of the process of manifestation in re-creating ourselves, either by improving our physical condition or our financial condition, is our emotional response to what we are thinking about. Whether we realize it or not, on a deeper energetic level, all thoughts trigger an emotion which triggers a physical reaction. Through practicing the emotional healing Qigong method we prepare our energy, mind, emotions and body to be in harmonious agreement. Thus we are cultivating our inner wisdom through our commitment to that cultivation.

The best results for manifestation are when the mind is open and the body is relaxed making one more receptive to the healing energy and its frequency. Deep relaxation is when the mind relaxes into the body and the body relaxes into the healing energy. When we visualize our bodies relaxing into light, we can feel not only our shoulders and joints relaxing, but also our organs and cells. To bring in the lightness, the grace, we have to detach from our old fearful information and perception, to make the cells feel nourished and connected when they can freely vibrate with lightness. Through visualization, movement and healing sessions, Qigong promotes that deeper level of relaxation.

Our thoughts are powerful; they are the vehicles with which we co-create. The Chinese word that is equivalent to the English word “think” means the following: to express ourselves from our heart, from our mind, totally relaxing and connecting to the infinity space. From the infinity space we visualize the form and bring it to existence, to totality. That is the process of creation or co-creation.

Qigong treats the human body as a conglomerate of many energy fields – an integrated unit in which energy can flow and from which energy can exchange and transfer to other bodies – anyone and everything else in the universe. Being One with the universe means that the integrative energy is alive and flows freely. The integrative energy inside of us responds to the integrative nature of the energy of the universe. We can synchronize the energy inside with the energy outside to become One. Internally, we are cultivating the nature of that energy inside, letting it become alive and free flowing. To flow freely means a total, uninhibited exchange of energy with the universe.

So what we’re doing is bringing the nature of that integrative energy back to the state of our experience, that aliveness that flows freely. Wisdom Healing Qigong utilizes the practice – The 6 Golden Keys -- to realize the harmony within and harmony with the nature of the universe. When our mind is in synch with our body, energy flows in harmony within. When energy flows freely within, our mind is in synch with the Universe. When our mind is in synch with the big mind of the universe, our desire is in synch with the nature of the universe. It is expressed and experienced as “for the highest good of all”. From there, our heart’s intention, our true desire, is realized spontaneously. Manifestation is realized. This is the secret behind the secret.

Imagine if everyone projected the intention of peace, happiness and wellbeing to the leaders of our country and our world. The implication is profound. President-elect Obama has brought so much healing to this country already. It is like a crisis in our body can bring deep healing to our life. In the larger scale, the world is reflecting who we are as collective human beings. The change can happen and peace can be present when we dedicate more to the inner transformation of this collective human. It brings us so much peace by doing our small part of the BIG WORK.

Master Gu has helped his students in healing from cancer, kidney disease, allergies, MS, back pain and many other diseases through the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. He received the highest level of training from Dr. Pang Ming, director of the famous medicine-less hospital in China, the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center near Beijing where Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong was developed. Master Gu is the founder of the Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation. For more information visit Jaelle Dragomir, M.A., is a writer, speaker, consultant, and practitioner of Qigong.

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