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Farm Out

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

The humorous stories on my blog are about farm and ranch life.

My intention when writing these stories was to make those poor, weary souls that currently toil the land, or in the past have toiled the land, laugh about the mishaps and miseries that accompany a wonderful, but sometimes trying life style.

It was also my intention to let those poor, weary souls that live in the city have a chance to get to know the country folks. After all, we’re all in this together. The characters are fictitious, well that’s not quite true. They’re real people rolled into one big family; the Sarry and Bob Jones family. I can’t really claim the situations as fictitious either. Each story is based on reality–I just tend to be a little careless with the truth.

The stories are written from the perspective of the wife, Sarry. I hope you get to know her and her family and love them for their follies and foibles, their mistakes and their triumphs. The stories take place in the second least populated state in the union, Wyoming, but they could happen anywhere. As you’ll see in Differences, farmers and ranchers are farmers and ranchers, wherever they live.

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