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Reclaiming Our Souls

With diligence, we need to love ourselves; identify with our "buddha nature" or our "Christ-within"; identify with and appreciate the earth and all her inhabitants; cherish and listen to our inner compass, our inner knowing.

The practice and wisdom of those who have come before us is at hand always, and even more so when we feel helplessness, hopelessness, and when the problems seem insurmountable.

We need to persevere with calm and patience. It is imperative that we be gentle with ourselves; to be skilled at trusting the unfolding of the universe with its own timing, laws, and dynamics.

With the power of authenticity, those of us involved either directly or indirectly, with the destruction of Mother Earth, with the degradation of others or our own lives, and with the emptiness of our own souls, can reclaim those aspects of ourselves that we feel disconnected with and even embarrassed about. We can gain a vision of our true identity, one of total consciousness of life, maturation of the mind and soul, and self-governance through the attainment of authentic power and leadership.

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